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Cheerleading, spreading love & sunscreen

by Carly-Ann

Since I started my #100HappyDays last Sunday, I’ve been trying to practice more awareness and gratitude. That was the whole point, of course, but the real good news story here is that it’s working!

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I’m pretty blissed out right now. This morning, we relocated from dreary Vancouver, BC to shiny El Mirage, Arizona. By 2pm, we’d kicked off our five day stay with more than an hour in the pool, a delicious barbecued lunch outside and a nap, all without wearing long pants or even shoes!

A friend once commented that I am a real cheerleader. At the time, I hadn’t really thought about it, but I liked being acknowledged for that. I know a lot of incredible people and I’m always curious to learn more about them and to meet others. I like to share the amazing lives, stories and accomplishments I see and hear with the world. When I see things that I love (and I love a lot of things) and that make me feel proud of the human race, I want to share those, too. I largely try to focus on the positive things that life has to offer. Trust me, I won’t shy away from the icky stuff, but I try to never ever give it more time in the spotlight than is necessary.

I keep seeing these great posts where writers compile all their favourite things for the week, online or in life offline. Since I enjoy reading them so much, it only made sense for me to start getting into the habit myself. Here are a couple of the beautiful things that made me happy this week, my sunshine and lollipop experiences.


Our dear friends Chris and Evey had some very exciting news to share about a very special arrival coming later this year. Watch the video to see their announcement. At long last, they just debuted it this week.

Isn’t that ADORABLE?!? Congratulations, guys! xo


In preparation for our trip and in light of my relatively recent bout of melanoma (which I swear I am going to wrote about someday,) sunscreen has been on my mind lately. Now that summer is just around the corner, it’s easy to find on any drugstore’s feature aisle. Problem is, mix vegan into your list of requirements and your choices narrow drastically. For the second time this year, I put the call out on Twitter looking for some advice and recommendations. No dice. What I did get was a response from a company called Goddess Garden. They specialize in “healthy sunscreen.” They have a friendly, helpful Twitter presence, steering me to Well.ca to buy their products online. I opted for the spray which is really just the everyday lotion in a spray bottle.

photo (36)

I’m not a big fan of light lotions, especially when it comes to sun protection. Goddess Garden isn’t too thick, but it’s not oily either and is rated SPF30. It doesn’t carry much of a scent and absorbs easily into my skin. I love that I can identify (not to mention pronounce) every single ingredient in the bottle!


This weekend, I’m all poolside and sunglasses and desert hikes and sporting events. Okay, I’m also obsessively sending iMessages to my mom who is staying with our cats, too. Good friends, good food, good fun. It’s the weekend. Get yourself some.

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