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Foodie Penpals – November 2012

by Carly-Ann

This November was my second time participating in the Foodie Penpals exchange put on by The Lean Green Bean. Last month, Laura reported on the package I’d sent to her. I’d chosen a Halloween theme and packed her box with treats for her and her family. This month, I sent to Kaycee on the east coast. Her package contained some typical west coast fare including some Asian themed foods and goodies from local BC businesses.

Unlike last month, I had the good sense to have my camera at the ready when I received my November package. My name had been drawn by Dawn who put together an amazing package combining delicious vegan ingredients with a holiday twist.

As you can see it was positively PACKED with awesome and exciting stuff! My loot included (left to right by frame,) spices for mulled wine, cinnamon sticks (my favourite!) and holiday popcorn; the latest issue of Vegetarian Times magazine (how thoughtful!), some pasta and Gourmet Village pasta seasonings; reindeer napkins and a gingerbread man spatula.


Participants have a lot of freedom in what to send as part of the exchange, but the one requirement is that each package must include something written: a recipe, a note, a story. Dawn sent me a lovely card with a sweet greeting inside. It’s seen here with raw, vegan, gluten-free coconut almond orange macaroonies made by hOMe Grown Living Foods.


Thank you just doesn’t seem to cover how much I appreciate all the care that went into my November foodie penpal gift. Exploring new foods is just one of the big advantages of getting involved in something like this. It’s also a great practice for the heart to connect with beautiful and generous people who are willing to reach out. Dawn is particularly amazing and I was blessed to get paired up with her!

To find out more about exchange or to join in the fun, visit the Lean Green Bean’s Foodie Penpal page!

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