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you’ll never be alone in the kitchen again

by Carly-Ann

i put the call for help out this morning: how does one crush a bunch of candy canes?

this week, i was given a bunch of candy canes from last christmas. i’m a bit of a candy cane fiend and i guess my reputation reflects that, hence, the interoffice envelope full of the things that arrived on my desk. once upon a time, those candy canes wouldn’t have lasted an afternoon in my office, but i’m currently in the waning phase of my love/hate relationship with sugar and am trying to avoid it. so, what to do with them?

then it came to me…


i wasn’t sure when i’d fit a candy cane cupcake experiment into my weekend, but i woke with my usual saturday morning thirst for creation and before i even knew it, science and exploration had taken over. i mixed up the peppermint batter and once it was in the oven, i faced the one of the big challenges: crushing the candy canes. how? enter twitter.

some were funny…

most were helpful…

in the end, i got exactly what i needed…crushed candy canes.

it got me to thinking about how useful a kitchen tool twitter has become. need help? just ask. i’ve recently gotten great input about dilemmas involving cinnamon buns, canning and pickling and nathan‘s assisted me in many a meaty quandary. it’s fantastic for a cooking/baking adventurer like me. i am truly one tweet away from all the help i can handle. thank you, folks!


in case you wondered the fate of the newly crushed candy canes, here goes:
i started with a basic plain jane cupcake plan and gave it a pepperminty kick

i doubled the peppermint by flavouring the icing to match

kevin was concerned about injury if i mixed the candy cane pieces directly into it ~ perhaps he’s afraid we’ll be sued if someone chips a tooth on a wayward chunk. after some careful consideration, i laughed in the face of risk and with the exception of a few pieces for garnish, i dumped them into the bowl. the success of the first phase of this project is undetermined. i’ll be on the lookout for testers. please apply within. 😉


other proof that christmas is on its way…the sounds of the season have arrived!

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