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today didn’t go as smoothly as i might’ve liked. not that i had specific expectations or that anything went particularly wrong. it was just one of those days.

of course, no matter how gloomy, into each day shines a little sun.

my first ray came courtesy of darling jessica marquez from miniature rhino. in spite of a frustrating postal strike, the queen’s mail must get through…eventually. i’d been waiting on this package forever, since the second these astrological needlepoint kits were featured by design*sponge. (didn’t i tell you i can’t bear to miss a thing that happens over there!?!) i bought us one each: capricorn & scorpio. of course, one to represent each of us. clearly, i’m not anticipating this will turn into couples crafting:episode one.


regard the adorable packaging job and all the thoughtful little goodies inside: business card, postcard, hand-written note, tiny miniature rhino pins. a delight to receive!

after a tumultuous finish to the work day (and week, for that matter – yay!) i had to walk over to see the naturopath for some not so great news from them. fortunately, my (somewhat) feeling sorry for myself walk home had me cross paths with the local farmers market and everyone knows there’s always something to make a stop in there worthwhile.

my loot:


cherries! the first local batch of the season

sweet peas! already, their scent has filled my entire apartment

tacos! roasted yam and black bean – vegan and entirely delicious

life is good.

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