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of a million refreshing twitter discoveries, sweet potato chronicles is just one. while it isn’t always content that is right up my alley (more kid- and/or meat-focused than i am) i have walked away from this site with several fantastic recipes and ceri marsh is definitely worth the follow.

today’s spc topic: coconut water. i’m a big fan. it’s refreshing and the hint of flavour that it offers is nice – not too sweet or coconut-ty.


let me share with you, however, a little lesson that i learned on the weekend. i’d bought some blue monkey coconut water last week. when faced, for the first time in a coconut water purchase, with the decision of regular or with pulp, i decided on a split. i’ve always thought the mere existence of juices without pulp weird and wondered who buys that stuff. let me assure you that coconut water is an exception. i have been humbled. after a few sips, i actually had to run my beverage through a strainer in order to remove the chunks of coconut that were featured inside. they were the consistency of the chopped up nuts you get on a sundae. extremely uncomfortable to swallow. i’m just really not into chewing my drinks. are you feelin’ me?

do run out and try some, though. as quoted from the spc post:

“Really, they are marketing coconut water as a an all natural replacement to Gatorade and that’s something I can buy into.”

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